Monday, April 14, 2014


Well should have the atpro today, since its raining and cold. My luck. Me and my daughter found a nice 15 acre field that has seen a lot of traffic the last 75 yrs and was military used before that. Supposedly hunted out, but we found about 6$ in change and eye glasses and sunglasses and collectors pins, in about 2 hours so I think hunted out might be an over exaggeration. I'm deffinately thinking that the atpro 8.5x11 inch coil will get some leg work on this one.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Helping our future generation...

Our nationwide event is a team effort. Everyone knows a metal detector can pay for itself, and there is more lost money than is in circulation today. All the times I have dug up clad, I am actually excited to dig every penny during the month of may. I dig clad everywhere, every time I hunt. I honestly can not think of a better purpose for it. If you haven't joined in on this yet check it out.  ~{Dirt Fishing}~  only modern clad is donated to  childhood cancer awareness somthing that means so little could make a huge difference to these little guys and girls. What could possibly make this hobby any better than to think the month of may, we will make a difference.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Hunting with old fiends..

Got out today for a couple hours with some old friends. We hit a couple yards in town a lil bit. Got abunch of matchbox cars, bout $2 in clad, another key. And it wasn't thirty mins after I left one of them got a 14k gold ring. That's just how my luck goes. Lol. Had a ball though. Hunt five mins. Sit for five mins. I am so looking forward to some weekend hunts this summer.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

I hate waiting...

I think tomorrow if it don't rain early, I'm gonna take the coinmastergt with some buddies to a lot that is supposedly hunted out. April, 14 I will have the atpro, can't wait to get my hands on that baby. I haven't found hardly any bad reviews on it. I have had many good machines, but they weren't what I wanted for how I hunt. The v3i is an awesome machine. I like to see what's out there, and that machine is top in its class. Atpro, I am excited to see first hand what she's got. And I will probably post my opinion, don't hold that against me. Lol. If you haven't checked out our event check it out, what do you got to lose.  ~{Dirt Fishing}~ 

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Going atpro

Well I've decided to go with an atpro. I like the submersible part a lot. And the 15khz is a good medium. I am really anxious to give this machine a run.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Could change things..

You know people really don't have good thoughts about someone with a metal detector. They don't realize how much trash we pull out of the ground in a day. They think we're greedy, selfish, and just out for ourselves. I have went to get permission before and they act like I'm trying to steal something from them. Well the event on could change that. If just a hundred people get in this and each person only finds $10 that's a thousand dollars going towards a cure for childhood cancer. I can't think of a better purpose for all the clad I pull out of the ground. And honestly who can say there hobby donated x amount towards a good cause. This will be a group effort. The more people involved in this event the larger impact it will have. If you have a metal detector what possible excuse could you have not to contribute to our young future. This even makes the clad a treasure for one young person. Join in this nation wide group event. Its time we change the way people see our hobby. It can make a difference and its what we love.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Charity event.. Hunt for a cure..

Join our group, and get in on this hunt. In this even your digging could save a life. May will be the month our hobby and passion will make a difference. No entry fee. No traveling. Check it out...

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!!!!Group Event!!!!

OK folks, I've been working on how to organize a group event on ~{Dirt fishing}~ on Facebook. The only trouble is everybody being able and having time to get involved. So what I have come up with is ~{Dirt Fishing}~s first Childhood Cancer Metal Detectorist Face-Off. Everybody will be able to join in at your own time. This event will be a month long. All participants will keep up with all clad and modern change you find in this month, trade it in for a money order made out to the charity. When all money orders are tallied everyone that was involved will be entered in to win event prizes, and the person with the largest amount will automatically win. There will be no entry fee, or any cost. You will not have to travel. This will be a when you can event throughout the month. And it will benefit children with cancer. There will be no reason to miss this event. We are working out the details of which month will be best for this event.

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More rain.

You I'm start to think its some sort of conspiracy. All the snow and now rain. It seems like a plot to keep people indoors. I'm thinking might have to break out the hip waiders.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

chicago lock key

Not sure how old it is, or what it went too but it is deffinately Chicago lock key

Friday, April 4, 2014

My opinion and thoughts of upgrades.

I have been around metal detectors and used them for along time. My grandfather was a whites dealer since the 70s he upgraded every year. I have used all kinds of detectors in all price ranges. When someone says you need to upgrade that does not mean throw out all kinds of money. If you like coin hunting, there are machines for that, beaches, yep, relics, that too. Even picking up gold in micron levels. And unless your making some sort of career out of it there is no reason to throw that money away. I enjoy finding coins, relics and jewelry. I have had the v3i for about 7 months, and it is an awesome machine. But all my experience, and knowledge of this machine. I have tweaked this machine to its max with custom programs. For what I enjoy if I had to recommend an upgrade for someone with the same interest, and a budget. I would say go with coinmastergt its $300 bucks. It'll hit a quarter at 9 to 10 inches depending on soil. And its fast. If you have a lil more experience and more money the mx5 is a step up with 14.25 kHz. All the depth you will need for $500. When picking a machine find one that's comfortable. Complication brings confusion. The faster you can learn it the better its gonna do. There are a lot of people that will say if you don't spend $5000 on a detector you ain't finding it. Well its bs. If a machine has a good ground balance and beach mode you can find anything a high end detector will find. Your machine will just pay for itself a lot faster. Passion is what makes this hobby great not money. Hopefully this will help some in making there decision. If it offended anyone I do apologize I just can't see a reason to lie.

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Tell city, indiana

Well going to do some hunting in tell city, Indiana tomorrow. Not sure were exactly, but I'm up for the fun of it. I'm thinking the coinmastergt in town, and the v3i in the country. I know city probably won't be as trashy, I might just have wait and see when I get there.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Slowly but surely

The group funds are up to 60$ from the adson the blog. Mark Seeley told me today that the roman coins would arrive in 7-10 days, and we'll be giving one of those away. And as soon as I can sell the v3i I'll make my first order, sorry its taking so long to those that are waiting. And thanks to all those who are visiting our ads. Every little bit is helping, I wish I had the $$ to just this were I want it to. I am so looking forward to giving away some awesome prizes.

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I just want to say thank you.

I just want to say thanks to all of the viewers. This blog currently has people from 10 different countries who are viewing regularly. The growth of this blog and our group on facebook is because of all of you. I truely appreciate all the support.

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I love finding this stuff, like to find more

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Eastern ky. Trip.

Well my wife is pretty sure she wants to take a trip to eastern kentucky. I'm thinking that it might be a good hunting trip. I'm still doing some research trying to figure out which equipment I would need. I been reading that there's gold on them borders. Might need to take the sluice box. My daughter is going to Indiana for a week and taking her ace 250. She's hoping her grandpa will take her to some good places.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thinking of selling

Well I'm thinking about selling my v3i, I'm thinking about dropping to the mxt pro. I think it will be easier to handle in some of the places I go. I'm constantly worried about even getting a scratch on the v3i, and really just need something to get into the tight places with.

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A whole lot of aluminum...

I think I dug up a case of old mountain dew cans. And nothing makes your day like digging a foot down and finding this.

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Dowsing with lightning...

I seen a post were a guy said he got best results dowsing when lightning was just in the distance. Now I'm not a genius, but what in the world could possibly make anyone think that standing in a lightning storm with a metal antenna filled with positive charged crystals was going to be a good idea. Turns out the lightning was closer than he thought.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A lil more clad..

Went back to the money pit for a couple hours, and of course about 5$ in clad. A relay for life keychain. I played with high pro on the v3i, that was deffinately a learning experience, but I understood a lot more this time.

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