Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Could change things..

You know people really don't have good thoughts about someone with a metal detector. They don't realize how much trash we pull out of the ground in a day. They think we're greedy, selfish, and just out for ourselves. I have went to get permission before and they act like I'm trying to steal something from them. Well the event on https://www.facebook.com/groups/Dirtfishing/ could change that. If just a hundred people get in this and each person only finds $10 that's a thousand dollars going towards a cure for childhood cancer. I can't think of a better purpose for all the clad I pull out of the ground. And honestly who can say there hobby donated x amount towards a good cause. This will be a group effort. The more people involved in this event the larger impact it will have. If you have a metal detector what possible excuse could you have not to contribute to our young future. This even makes the clad a treasure for one young person. Join in this nation wide group event. Its time we change the way people see our hobby. It can make a difference and its what we love.

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