Monday, April 7, 2014

!!!!Group Event!!!!

OK folks, I've been working on how to organize a group event on ~{Dirt fishing}~ on Facebook. The only trouble is everybody being able and having time to get involved. So what I have come up with is ~{Dirt Fishing}~s first Childhood Cancer Metal Detectorist Face-Off. Everybody will be able to join in at your own time. This event will be a month long. All participants will keep up with all clad and modern change you find in this month, trade it in for a money order made out to the charity. When all money orders are tallied everyone that was involved will be entered in to win event prizes, and the person with the largest amount will automatically win. There will be no entry fee, or any cost. You will not have to travel. This will be a when you can event throughout the month. And it will benefit children with cancer. There will be no reason to miss this event. We are working out the details of which month will be best for this event.

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