Friday, April 4, 2014

My opinion and thoughts of upgrades.

I have been around metal detectors and used them for along time. My grandfather was a whites dealer since the 70s he upgraded every year. I have used all kinds of detectors in all price ranges. When someone says you need to upgrade that does not mean throw out all kinds of money. If you like coin hunting, there are machines for that, beaches, yep, relics, that too. Even picking up gold in micron levels. And unless your making some sort of career out of it there is no reason to throw that money away. I enjoy finding coins, relics and jewelry. I have had the v3i for about 7 months, and it is an awesome machine. But all my experience, and knowledge of this machine. I have tweaked this machine to its max with custom programs. For what I enjoy if I had to recommend an upgrade for someone with the same interest, and a budget. I would say go with coinmastergt its $300 bucks. It'll hit a quarter at 9 to 10 inches depending on soil. And its fast. If you have a lil more experience and more money the mx5 is a step up with 14.25 kHz. All the depth you will need for $500. When picking a machine find one that's comfortable. Complication brings confusion. The faster you can learn it the better its gonna do. There are a lot of people that will say if you don't spend $5000 on a detector you ain't finding it. Well its bs. If a machine has a good ground balance and beach mode you can find anything a high end detector will find. Your machine will just pay for itself a lot faster. Passion is what makes this hobby great not money. Hopefully this will help some in making there decision. If it offended anyone I do apologize I just can't see a reason to lie.

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